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“Mautturm” (toll tower) in Winklern

For nearly 700 years the “Mautturm” (toll tower) in Winklern has been the watchtower safeguarding the tales and history of the market community of Winklern! In olden times this tower served to safeguard the important trade routes from the south across the Tauern to Salzburg. Today it is the home of a crystal exhibition. Since the beginning of time a kindhearted dragon, the “tower worm”, guards the treasure of the valley – the WATER!


The “Raggaschlucht” (canyon) in Flattach is the adventure experience! For thousands of years the Raggabach (stream) has created one of the most beautiful natural canyons of the alps. Vertical cliffs close upon the untamed romantic canyon, the raging waters filling the air. Tastefully arranged foot bridges accommodate the hiking experience with the return path leading through the forest.

“Stockmühlen” (mills) in Apriach

Not far from Heiligenblut are the “Stockmühlen” (mills) in Apriach where water has always been the main source of power. Here you’ll be shown how the water wheel was an indispensable tool in the daily lives of former mountain farmers. 

“Zeitfabrik” in Lainach (Time Factory)


The “Zeitfabrik” in Lainach (Time Factory) is a worthwhile tour destination. The four hundred square meter exhibit tastefully follows the evolution of man from prehistoric times into the future. In a trip through time, one finds one’s self and senses the spirit of the ages, surrounded by historical figures and wall paintings throughout the vaults and rooms of this centuries old building.

Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica in Bad Bleiberg is a mystical underworld by day. After shutting down operations in 1993, the mine became a fascinating exhibit. You access this magical world via a 68 m long miners’ slide. Multimedia shows educate you about the creation of earth, the realm of the underworld, and the miracle healer Paracelsus.

Birds of Prey Flight Demonstration

The primary goal of the Birds of Prey Flight Demonstration at Castle Landskron is to introduce these wonderful creatures to us and to educate us about their habitat and behavior. All of the birds seen here have been bred in captivity. You will get to experience eagles in breathtaking free flight, returning to the falconers positioned directly in front of you.

BIOS National Park Center

“What is life?” This question can be answered at the BIOS National Park Center in Mallnitz. Several different stations beckon you to explore and discover. Did you know that water ghosts live in clean streams? Why are feathers “as light as a feather”? Why do clouds swirl? Marvel, discover, play and experiment for yourself!!!!

The special exhibition this year is on the topic of Butterflies.

"Putzenhof" in Großkirchheim

“All that glitters is not gold” is an untruth at the “Tauerngold” exhibition in the "Putzenhof" in Großkirchheim. Dive into the world of gold, which to this day still has not lost its magical appeal. The magic of gold will mesmerize you. Gold in every shape and size can be found here.